Welcome August

July really really treats me “well”, what a month!

– Finish office renovation – a 4 weeks long and draining process, not on the renovation itself but all the red-tapes, BS, … happened. But at last we got our super nice office.

– Work projects and clients – one big and one small one, both are so complicated and hit too hard at the team under-prepared. After all, we managed to pull them through. Still not finished yet but at least under controlled.

– Exam – coming to the exam room without any revision (actually this already happened recent months). And surprised on the results coming out (this confirm my B.S writing has achieved another level)

– Travel – super short trip to both Malaysia and Singapore, change of plan due to unfinished projects. First time staying in Singapore just for 4 hours, sleep at Starbucks and inside terminal 2.

– Health – declining … still using excuse like “too-busy” to skip all the healthy activities and diet should be really ashamed of this.

– Sleep – breaking records to sleep at office for almost 2 weeks with average 3 hours per day.

– Relationship: this went very very well resolved long standing issues. Everything is good and everyone is happy now. Thanks a lot for always support me Phuong Huynh 

After all, I have learnt and grow a lot through all this. Glad for everything.

Now let’s August coming.

Fly fly fly .. July

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