Don’t collect, connect

Đọc bài “Don’t collect, Connect” từ blog Valeria Maltoni thấy rất tân dắc về phương châm “connect” tức thật sự kết nối với mọi người chứ không phải chỉ là đi thu thập namecard hay kết càng nhiều bạn trên mạng xã hội (Facebook, Twitter, ..) càng tốt. Đơn giản bởi vì 1 mối quan hệ chỉ thật sự có giá trị khi cả 2 bên cùng đem lại giá trị cho nhau.

Và đây là 100 cách để thật sự “connect” – kết nối và tạo nên giá trị  (những phần in đậm là những cách phù hợp nhất tại Việt Nam)

  • make things happen
  • welcome relationships
  • suspend judgment
  • create experiences
  • use multimedia for learners and readers with different styles/preferences
  • use your content to elevate others
  • be helpful
  • show you care
  • introduce peers
  • tell stories
  • help readers rock
  • listen and ask questions
  • stay humble
  • keep learning
  • participate fully
  • accept
  • take responsibility
  • resist copying
  • liberate your inner fan
  • transform your attitude
  • challenge your assumptions
  • think community
  • collaborate freely
  • develop opportunity
  • stay passionate
  • be honest (especially with yourself)
  • be willing to change your mind
  • provide a platform for others to find people with like interests
  • build interactions
  • stay curious
  • stay offline when you’re tired or argumentative
  • dream, think, do
  • facilitate conversations
  • build prototypes
  • invent possibilities
  • use engagement to accelerate learning
  • brag about your fans’ products and services
  • evangelize your employees
  • observe more, judge less
  • learn to read the social triggers that make stuff happen
  • be more transparent
  • choose teaching over winning
  • open communication lines
  • prefer open understanding
  • keep your promises
  • go the extra mile for someone else
  • laugh more, especially about yourself
  • be courageous
  • stay with it through thick and thin
  • tell stories
  • respect privacy
  • find a cause
  • be original
  • celebrate common traits
  • want less, do more
  • become the person you’d like to be
  • stay soft on people, hard on issues
  • appreciate small gestures, they are a big deal
  • communicate more
  • amaze yourself
  • recognize talent
  • take more walks
  • take the high road
  • discover and highlight worthy projects
  • understand the power of silence
  • stay hungry
  • thank often and liberally
  • be patient
  • encourage exploration
  • make your writing a work of art
  • find mentors
  • practice what you preach
  • be flexible
  • adopt and credit good ideas
  • break down elitist walls
  • step out of formulas
  • reinvent joy
  • earn your stripes
  • face your responsibilities
  • recognize and celebrate differences
  • learn to think with your own experience
  • invest in building something
  • appreciate success is several years in the making
  • know your values
  • work with others
  • make someone’s day
  • put people first
  • read more, react less
  • know your limits
  • find inspiration
  • experiment
  • adjust
  • be ready to be surprised
  • get to know your peers
  • inspire and find inspiration
  • know you make a difference
  • forget the numbers, you count
  • let others opt in
  • set a good example
  • raise your industry, community, readers

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